Premio Internazionale d’Arte “Il David di Bernini ” Preis 2015 Accademia Italia in Arte nel Mondo Culturale
Tribute to "Anne Frank" award


Honored by the municipality of Weinburg for the Marco Polo Award


Now it has been possible to win the nomination in Venice for the work "Maria Magdalena" and the international art award Marko Polo Art Ambassador.
This means that in future I will be able to present my works with their stories to an extended and very large audience.
Just the price is not the success, but if you can stimulate with the works to think and move.


Here are some pictures:







Heinz Trutschnig was selected for the book International Contemporary Masters 2013 by a six-member jury of international art collectors and museum directors.

With a circulation of 8,000 copies, museums, art houses and art collectors worldwide will receive the Book of the Masters.

Some contemporary artists will participate in a joint exhibition in Los Angeles (USA) in October 2014, and Heinz Trutschnig will also be among them.

This success is another big step for Trutschnig on the international art market.

Here's a look at the book: INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS Volume 7
(The works of Heinz Trutschnig are on page 371)