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CR94.4 - Campus & City Radio St. Pölten - 3. September 2016



Minerva Award - June 2016

I am pleased to inform you that in Italy I was awarded the MINERVA AWARDS SALENTO CEREMONY OF CREATIVE ARTS 2016 for special achievements.


In short, the message I have received.


Dear artist Heinz Trutschnig,

We have the honor to announce that you have been selected among the artists to receive the "Minerva Goddess of the Arts". We ask you to come to the Awards 2016 in Lecce (Italy).


We are honored to announce that your name has been selected among the "Candidates" upon receiving the High Recognition and your unique artistic work. Please join us for the SPRING GALA SALENTO AWARD OF CREATIVE ARTS 2016 in June.


The gala will be held in the prestigious "Apulien" space of GRAND HOTEL PRESIDENT, dedicated to painters, sculptors, poets and men of science and culture around the world, during which the endowed recognition, this year as a tribute to MINERVA goddess of all Arts applies.



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