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Effetto Arte - Edition January - February 2014


Heinz Trutschnig was selected for the book International Contemporary Masters 2013 by a six-member jury of international art collectors and museum directors.

With a circulation of 8,000 copies, museums, art houses and art collectors worldwide will receive the Book of the Masters.

Here's a look at the book: INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MASTERS Volume 7
(The works of Heinz Trutschnig are on page 371)

Penthouse - Issue 09 2011

Penthouse - Ausgabe 09 2011

Penthouse - Ausgabe 09 2011

... and if she is not in the head, then she is nowhere:
According to this maxim, much happens in the mind of the Austrian painter Heinz Trutschnig.
His works set in the cerebral regions of each individual 
lascivious thoughts - and still manage to touch the heart ...

In each of the works you can feel the soul of the artist, who subtly reveals all his levels of being, but gives the viewer the freedom to rediscover his or her own reality. "The international art scene is so enthusiastic about Trutschnig's manifestation of his artistic streak lets follow an even more impressive song of praise.
"Since Salvador Dalí, hardly any artist has succeeded in creating a surreal world with hypertrophic detail, where dream and reality form a perfect symbiosis. The magic touch of object worlds in an absurd atmosphere into the depths of the unconscious. "

Wow, what more could you want? But the "Dalí in rotWEISSrot" has these hymns more than earned: All frames are handmade, the linen is covered by the Maestro himself, as a technique he uses oil and acrylic.
Even the primer work is anything but 08/15: it is based on an old method of the 15th century, which already used the great masters for themselves. Trutschnig has rediscovered this well-kept secret - and so the chances that his life's work will become immortal for a small eternity are anything but bad. Heinz Trutschnig, an insider tip?
Rather a professional - through and through.

Born on April 16, 1964 in Kötschach-Mauthen, Austria, he began his professional artistic career with a graphic education.
Over the years, he developed continuously to acrylic and oil painting, in which he has found his current field of activity.
After a (not unusual for graphic artists) trip to the world of caricature Trutschnig was increasingly inspired by Salvador Dalí and found his way to surrealism. Own experiences from past and present form the starting point for his visual choice of subject. An interesting and appealing aspect of his art can also be found in the aspect of a harmonious combination of surrealist painting and abstract composition.
Heinz Trutschnig has exhibited mainly in German-speaking countries and in China, he is represented by the gallery Artodrome Berlin.
Meanwhile, the leap to America is mastered: From January 2012, he is at a New York gallery under contract.




Design of the cover picture

Rückkehr des Lichts written by Lydia and Isabella Christall

Release date: 15.6.2011